Sunday, 28 November 2010

River Ewenny


Just been for a quick swim at my local spot on the Ewenny River, shorts and wetsuit boots. The horses in the fields were giving me some funny looks. Air temp was -4, water was pretty cold but the harshest thing was getting changed after the swim with wet feet on the frozen ground, oh, i don't think i need to bother with the vasectomy now either!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fault line tidal pool


I have had my eye on this tidal pool for a while. Exposed at low water at "the deeps" between Ogmore and Southerndown i have put crab pots out in it before and caught a good supply of velvet swimming crabs. These crabs are natures thugs, very very mean they go about looking for a fight and although their claws are small they pack one hell of a punch.

The pool runs parallel with the shore, along an old straight fault line in the rocks. Its a natural swimming lane for one person. Luckily, i didn't get mugged by any crabs but i was nervous as i swam through the seaweed.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Just a quickie


I haven't been in the water for a couple of weeks so was getting worried about loosing my cold water tolerance powers. To keep it going i had a cold bath last night, that was horrible but it felt good afterwards.

I just finished work early, the sun was shining and the mornings frost had disappeared so i went down Southerndown for a quick swim before picking the kids up from school. The water wasn't too cold and the sun and salt felt good on my face.

My fingers are still tingling with cold as I type this. Time to go get the kids from school.