Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scouting Mission


I've been hibernating for the last couple of weeks and dreaming of lazy summer days by the river with a cold beer and the smell of steak sizzling on a BBQ. But, its only February and summer is a long way off.

Me, Owen and Jake decided to go on a scouting mission to search out some new swimming spots for the summer so we headed off into the hills in the van, which the old man and Owen have kitted out with bunk beds. We drove around the quiet country roads surrounding Llyn Brianne in West Wales and found a mass of swimming holes. The weather was typical for Feb, cloudy, misty and raining. As we pulled into yet another layby/parking area with beautiful watery views we were all daydreaming about how perfect this area would be on a lovely summers day.

We parked up and a real nice spot just as it was getting dark and got the camp set up, getting rained on in the process!! This was a culinary trip and after much deliberation we had settled on Garlic prawns and humus for starters followed by Meatballs and linguine with chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with melted chocolate orange. Owen was making the meatballs, i was doing the sauce and spaghetti. I've gotta say that it was the best meatballs and spaghetti ever. This was washed down with Lake cooled beers and a bottle of Talisker.

Had a good nights sleep in the van and woke up to bacon sarnies which helped clear my foggy head. We packed up camp and headed of home excited about going back there in the summer. I cant wait!!

The wash pool

Nice and deep!

Right by the side of the road.

Sumertime jacuzzi

Llyn Brianne

Here comes the rain

It takes forever to reduce a sauce on a camping stove.


Llyn Brianne

Its a proven fact, if you stare at bacon it cooks quicker

Llyn Brianne

Lly Brianne

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