Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Secret beach Anglesey


We hit up a secret coastal spot in Anglesey today and scored the beach to ourselves, all day!!

We drove past the hordes of holiday makers at the more popular beaches and headed off down long single lane country tracks and ended up at this beach which has featured on the BBC's Coast programme in the past. The water was crystal and extremely cold, colder than usual. I came close to quitting as  i got to crotch level but stuck with it, mainly not to loose face as my younger brother was already in.

We swam out through a gulley on the lookout for spider crabs, but there weren't any there yet. Last year Owen had swam out over hundreds of the crabs and managed to grab a few for the pot.

We swam around the point into a rocky bay, feeling more comfortable now that we had acclimatised to the cold. We dove down into the seaweed forests scaring each other by suddenly emerging through thick blankets of seaweed. As we surfaced for air we noticed a seal was watching us presumably wondering what the hell we were doing!

We headed back to the beach and mucked about on the kayak and catching crabs with the kids. Jake, the chief fire starter got the fire going and then it was hot dogs all round. We drove back to base a little sun burnt, a little tired and with little smiles on our faces knowing we had just shared a memorable day.

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