Saturday, 30 October 2010

Goytre Res

We were up relatively early, early enough to see the morning mist on the river as we drove to our destination, early enough to make the mistake of forgetting the OS map and having to drive back to the house to get it.

We eventually got to the single track lane that leads to the pool. There had been a bit of rain overnight and water was still dripping from the leaves of the trees. The valley had yet to be warmed by the early morning sun.

The walk along the forestry path was cold and dark. We climbed up the banking of the pool and emerged into the warm rays of sunlight. A layer of mist sat on the surface of the water and drifted to the northern edge, up over the mountain.

The pool flipped between mirror perfect and rippled as the gentle breeze brushed the surface.

We walked around the perimeter, the only footprints belonged to deer and every so often there was a pile of their glistening droppings.

Once we had walked around the pool I got change and slipped into the water, deep and cold. I swam out into the mist and floated for some time, just listening to the birds of the woods going about their business.

As i swam back to the shore i noticed tadpole on the edge of the lake and wondered if they wold make it through the winter.

I quickly got changed, we walked back to the car, that familiar internal cold buzz, glad to put the heating on and thaw out my pleasantly aching limbs.

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