Monday, 18 October 2010

Llyn Y Fan Fawr


Epic place, Epic Day.

We parked up in a lay by on the old Trescastle mountain road and followed the waterfalls up to Carmarthen Van, the walk took about and hour to reach the lake. What a place, our wildest swim yet. We decided to climb up to the summit of Carmarthen Van 802m above sea level. Now, i'm not very good with heights so i suffered from a couple of bouts of jelly leg but the views were amazing. On top we could see over to Llyn Y Fan Fach, which went straight to the top of out next swim list. We walked back down to the lake, found a little sheltered spot with its own beach, got changed and jumped into the crystal clear cold water. An almost spiritual experience.

After the swim we cooked sausages to give us the energy to walk back down. We jumped in the Tawe river pool by the car to celebrate the day. This was a real good trip and i cant really find the words to tell you about it, hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. You have got to go and sit on that little beach.

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